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Monday, September 6, 2010

Win a Losing Faith Hat on Day 6: The Tour. The Party.

The Online Party - I've been hearing some comments that the online party/blog tour is slightly confusing, so I thought I'd start each day from here on in with a mini-explanation. As you know, I'm celebrating the release of Losing Faith. Several blog owners are helping me celebrate by featuring me and/or my book on their blog between September 1-14. To encourage you to visit these blogs, I've tried first of all to make all the blog posts very fun and different, and secondly, I'm giving away three Grand Prizes (you can see the details of these on Day 1) All you have to do to enter to win these fabulous prizes is drop by the blogs (linked under "BLOG TOUR" below) and leave a quick comment on each of the blogs.  You get a separate entry for every blog you comment on, and you have until September 14th to comment on ANY of the blogs in the tour (so feel free to go back to Day 1 and comment right now!)

Besides the blog tour, I'm also having fun "Party Games" here each day, which can earn you extra entries for the Grand Prizes. Read on to find out about today's shenanigans...

Happy Monday! A new week, a whole new level of partying! Tomorrow is the official release day for LOSING FAITH, so I’m kickin’ it up a notch with some extra prizes

Phone a friend or family member and tell them you want to read LOSING FAITH, the story of a girl whose quest to solve the mystery of her sister’s death leads her to a strange religious cult. Come back and tell me the first name of the person you told for another entry. Plus, I’ll randomly pick one of today’s commenters to win a cool LOSING FAITH cap!

And there’s some great blogs to visit today…Check these out and comment for an entry for the Grand Prizes!

BLOG TOUR – All week Fantastic Book Reviews will be featuring me and Losing Faith! Comment on any of these feature posts to be entered for my grand prize drawings!

BLOG TOUR  – – Find out who I would cast in the LOSING FAITH movie (we can all dream, right?)

And a couple of things that aren't on the official blog tour, but are still a lot of fun...

Visit the blog of author, Anna Staniszewski, where she has posted my letter to my younger self. She's even got a GRAD PHOTO of me on there (now, how the heck did she get that?!)

And Awesome Blogger Angel is having a Twitter Party today! Just tweet this phrase: "I want to read Losing Faith by Denise Jaden. #losingfaithbook" enter to win a package of bookmarks!

Okay, one more mini-interview I found right here: And if you haven't noticed, it's a good idea to check back during the day, as I'm adding things as I come across them.

Tomorrow's the big day! Get your tasty treats ready, and I'll see you back here in the morning!


  1. Day 6 of Losing Faith party!! :D

    I told my two best friends Paula and Mayte about Losing Faith. I always talk about books with them so today I phoned my BFF Paula. :)

  2. Crazy, but I told my Dad, while he was at his work. I told him he had to get me a copy, if I go poor and broke all of a sudden :P

  3. I told about your book to my mother(xD) and to my friend ANita! I've already preordered it at bookdepository, I hope it'll arrive soon!

  4. I told my 16 year old cousin about the book :) Her name is Alyssa. She loved the cover!

  5. ive told my mom and sister about this book soudns awesome and that cover is beautiful please count me in

    Itold my 13 yr old nephew about the book hisname is Gaige