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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Logline Contest and Win a Poetry Journal on Day 2: The Tour. The Party.

Was yesterday super-fun? It was for, and so incredibly humbling. Thank you all so much for all the well-wishes! I cried so many times yesterday!!

Did you find the giveaway for Losing Faith yesterday? If's not too late! (If you missed yesterday, and want details of this blog tour and all the awesome prizes, they're right here.) Also (and here's a little hint) Shana Silver shared this awesome picture with me on Facebook yesterday:

Do you know what this is? It's multiple copies of Losing Faith in a Real Live Bookstore! It's at the Borders near Penn Station in NYC, to be specific. This is another thing that made me cry yesterday. My editor told me last week that all the major chains would be carrying my book, but I guess some part of me didn't really believe it. I mean, these huge bookstore chains would really want to carry MY book? I just couldn't believe it until I saw it, I guess. Thanks again, Shana (and anyone else who wants to share a picture of Losing Faith in the wild - I will give you an extra entry for the grand prizes AND I will love you forever. Just sayin.)

Now, onto today's party game...

The main character of Losing Faith, Brie, is a poet. Not a very good one, but a poet nonetheless. She likes to write rhyming poetry about those close to her, as the rhythm of it helps her work through her stress. Write a rhyming poem in the comments about someone who is close to you – best friend, boyfriend, whomever! You’ll earn one entry per poem (no matter how bad it is!) but if my judges (my BFF’s) deem yours the best, you may also win a LOSING FAITH Poetry Journal!

Don’t forget to stop by these stops on the blog tour and comment to earn additional entries for the grand prizes:

BLOG TOUR - Stop by Elle Strauss Books to see a day in the life of author Denise Jaden (I know, that sounds too exciting for words, doesn't it?? But it was a really fun interview with my longtime friend and fellow Canadian writer, Elle Strauss.)

BLOG TOUR - My fabulous agent, Michelle Humphrey, is on The Class of 2k10 Blog today with a short interview about the market and what she's looking for. ALSO... leave a logline for your novel in the comments. Some of my awesome critique partners will be judging and the winning logline will win a 10-page critique from Michelle!

Also, this is not a part of the official blog tour and I will not be counting entries here, but I did just hear that Claire Dawn is giving away a copy of Losing Faith on her blog today!

This party is Just Getting Started!!! Make sure to come back tomorrow as the party continues!


  1. My little boy, no longer a child
    Marching forward into adolescence
    My days spent hoping he doesn't go wild
    And manages to hang on to his essence

    So much in store for his life
    I hold on so tight
    Knowing one day he'll have a wife
    His own future bright

    lisadgibson at live dot com
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

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  3. She sprawls crosswise across our bed.
    I fear rolling over and crushing her head.
    Her legs stretch out, making us twist and shout.
    Because of our dog we need a king-sized bed.

  4. Ebony eyes stark staring and cold
    He hovers before me with guy-wire hold
    His multiple legs, so hairy and thick
    I shriek and jump back, bile making me sick

    Gargantuan spider, ugly as sin
    Clings to the doorframe daring me in
    I cannot move forward, nor stay long out here
    We eyeball each other, frozen with fear

    Goosebumps and cold sweat, a standoff for now
    Till finally I hit him, I’m not sure quite how
    But he crumples and falls and I can go in
    The horror is gone and in the trash bin

    Sorry, Denise, I know it's not what you intend but it IS a rhyming poem about someone (something?) close to me. I just went to let the dog inside and came face to face with this black monstrosity... at least 3" across... and, one of God's creatures or not, I hate, hate, hate spiders! Now I'm off to blog about it, too.

  5. Paperwork paperwork
    paperwork paperwork!
    I tire of it quickly
    An adopted brother is hardly needed
    He's bound to be useless and sickly.
    But now that you're here
    And you look up at me
    And I see your three-tooth smile
    And your blue-black eyes
    And your red-blonde hair
    I know
    You're definitely worthwhile.
    My brand new, ready-made, beautiful brother
    A brother of the very best kind
    I love you through every mood
    No matter how bad
    And I'll never
    Not in a million years
    Change my mind.

  6. A Star In The Daylight

    Today I saw a star
    In the daylight and wonder
    How could it be?
    A star in the daylight
    Shining like one in the nightlight
    Making butterflies surfer inside me
    Putting my heart in a rush
    And its heartbeat increasing

    Do I know you?
    I want to ask my star
    It already feels like it
    My heart is thumping against my chest
    Can you hear it?
    I want to ask my star
    Can you hear me calling you?

    My eyes never leave my star
    I'm making my way to him
    He sees me and 'Yes'
    It's all his eyes say to me
    Blue like the sky in the night
    And shiny like a star the daylight.
    I feel his lips moving
    And with his eyes on me he says:
    'Yes, I am yours'.

  7. You and me
    We'll forever be
    Birds of the same feather
    Who never flock together.
    Rush of the same blood
    Digging in the same mud,
    Born apart
    To the beating of one heart,
    Spilling out words of love and hate
    Yet forever the best of mates.
    Now and forever
    Call me whenever
    I'll be there
    Breathing in the same air.

    (Ugh. I suck at rhymes. But I had to enter cos the journal looks so lovely!)

  8. Is this what love is?
    This rapidly beating heart?
    Ice-cold, shaking hands?
    The stain of blush across cheeks?
    I wish I knew for certain

    What matters is this
    Knowing we should never part
    Fate binds us in strands
    My love, just to hear you speak
    I would fight to move mountains

    But this is love's refrain:
    I wish you understood my pain

    I hope its okay I did abcde/abcde/ff structure?

  9. Um... this is about a person who I USED to be close to.


    I'm sorry, do I know you?
    Is this the path you chose to take?
    To make,
    only to break--
    what a mistake.

    Estranged though we are,
    two hearts remain beating against
    one another,
    Don't let this falling out marr
    the love we once shared;
    I just need to know you once cared.

    slightly burning;
    I'm sorry I left it so late,
    never could I hate
    the one I used

    I just wish you knew.


    It's kind of free, with some rhyming and jerky rhythm there for your annoyance. I didn't use any set rules. I just...wrote.

    I'm sorry. I don't do lovey-happy poems. I'm a teenager. :P

    cc932005 at hotmail dot com

  10. Ok... I don't usually do poetry... but here is my sad attempt. :)

    smiles with a tilt
    matte finish hiding a gleam
    this is the life of you and me.


  11. I shouldn't be looking at you
    but i can't help but do so
    if only you knew
    but i don't want you to go

    you don't even notice me
    am i invisible to you?
    i just wish that you could see
    that i am the one for you.

    Yeah... Joy to the good-ol' crushes!