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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Swag-Fest on Day 12: The Tour. The Party.

The Online Party - I've been hearing some comments that the online party/blog tour is slightly confusing, so I thought I'd start each day from here on in with a mini-explanation. As you know, I'm celebrating the release of Losing Faith. Several blog owners are helping me celebrate by featuring me and/or my book on their blog between September 1-14. To encourage you to visit these blogs, I've tried first of all to make all the blog posts very fun and different, and secondly, I'm giving away three Grand Prizes (you can see the details of these on Day 1) All you have to do to enter to win these fabulous prizes is drop by the blogs (linked under "BLOG TOUR" below) and leave a quick comment on each of the blogs.  You get a separate entry for every blog you comment on, and you have until September 14th to comment on ANY of the blogs in the tour (so feel free to go back to Day 1 and comment right now!)

Besides the blog tour, I'm also having fun "Party Games" here each day, which can earn you extra entries for the Grand Prizes. Read on to find out about today's shenanigans...

Thank you so much for all of those who have been following The Tour! I'm sure you're getting tired by now, with all the running around I've asked of you, so today I'm going to make it really easy. Tell me in the comments your favorite type of swag (bookmarks, posters, magnets, stickers, postcards, t-shirts) and I'll randomly choose a winner and send them a little something special...

And don't forget about today's fabulous blog tour stop:

BLOG TOUR – – What’s really important? Stop by and find out!

Two more days...See you tomorrow!


  1. All swag is good :)
    But if I had to choose favorites, I'd probably say bookmarks and magnets!

  2. I agree with Write Tessa, all swag is great, but I love Tshirt, besides they get the most exposure!

  3. You kidding right? This party is AWESOME! It's the first blog tour party I've ever been and I'm glad it's yours. :)

    To answer today's question I'm gonna say posters and t-shirts. Totally.

    Posters are fun, you can put them in your bedroom's wall and create your little world.

    T-shirts, you can wear them and show others how cool it is, and how you are the one wearing it. :)

    'Til tomorrow! *waves* :)

  4. Not tired -- your blog tour's awesome! :)

    All swag's great, but probably my fave is bookmarks and postcards. Easy to share with friends!

  5. I like all kinds of swag, but I'd say T-shirts are my favorite. They're more durable than paper goods, and they would definitely have wider exposure.

  6. Tough to choose, but I'd say bookmarks or posters!

  7. I love all swag :) But I like t shirts and magnets the best i think

  8. Magnets and signed bookmarks are the best! Although, personalized chocolates might be nice:)

  9. I like bookmarks or magnets. I do like t-shirts too. :) All swag is awesome. Tough to choose.
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  10. I like all sorts of swag, though I think my favorite thing is bookmarks. I love having something from my favorite books that can go anywhere with me.

  11. Ooh, magnets! Haha, I do love me some magnets. Bookmarks are great, too.